Smart Home Automation

If you are building a new home or renovating, this can be the perfect time to integrate smart technology for in home automation. From a security point of view we can set up and automate your alarms, your access control systems, CCTV monitoring and all of the security technology that will streamline the access to your home and maximise the security at the same time.

Security Integration

Home Elevator Access

CBUS Light Integration

Biometrics Facial Scan

Wireless Locking Doors


Home CCTV Security

Ceiling 360 PIR Detector

Corner Mount PIR

Wine Cellar Security Locks

Are you ready to automate your home?

Access Control

Driveway Security Gates

Residential Security Doors

Commercial Security Doors

Remote Garage Doors


Horizontal Keypad White

Horizontal Keypad Black

Vertical Keypad White

Vertical Keypad Black

Access Control

Rugged Keypad and Readers

IP66 Rated Outside HID

Biometrics Outdoor

Are you ready to automate your home?

Our Smart Homes FAQ

How do smart homes work?

Smart homes connect your devices to the internet. You can incorporate simple automation by using something like google home or google assistant, or you can incorporate more devices to automate everything in your home. Full smart home automation can incorporate lights, entertainment, temperature, intercom, security and more! The extent of how smart the home is will depend on the appliances you have that can be connected.

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