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Wireless is the new normal for security and home automation.

Merging Technologies

Wireless Alarm and Home Automation panels are designed to wirelessly merge alarm monitoring, video cameras and home automation devices into a reliable and secure control centre.

Secure Platform with 5 Years Warranty

Our video and automation hub gives you the flexibility other security panels can’t deliver, including speed installs, Z-Wave automation, CAT M1, 4G/5G cellular, and an encrypted DeviceLink Wi-Fi card.

If you want to take the system further, you can quickly add automated locks, thermostats, lights, garage door controllers or other Z-Wave certified devices,” he said. “The Connect+ platform also delivers healthcare-related activity monitoring and video services to enable independent living.

Real-time sensors assist in the day-to-day activity monitoring and include alerts to increase awareness of movement in and out of the home.

They can monitor caregiver’s arrival and departures, including real-time video.

It’s also possible to simplify routines with automated lights, locks, and comfort controls while delivering critical intrusion, fire, and carbon dioxide protection.

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